The Hand Collector

This is one of those have to see pages. you can also add a “hand” picture of your own.


Google stuff

Simply Google

Do you google? I do some, but never realized alllll the google tools out there. This page lists them.

Sketch Swap

You draw a sketch and then click swap me & you get a sketch drawn by someone else back. Mine was a funny banana picture that said Eat me! and then below it was “Banana’s are bossy”. haha.


This is a hilarious rip-off of yahoo 360. guess someone musta not had any fun there LMAO

Painted cars


A selection of painted cars from cutesie to funny to strange.


101 MP3 versions of the song Stairway to Heaven. Some seem the same and some definitely aren’t.



Find a grave

See the graves of thousands of famous people from around the world. Also search or add names of people you know. You can leave flowers and/or a note. Pictures of gravesites.