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Online hit the trashcan

Watching out for the fan and it’s wind direction, try to throw your paperwad into the trash can.


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Breathe: the overdose game

You and some friends have been drinking all day and you just scored & cooked some dope. The guy who went first barely got the needle out before collapsing in a weird position. What ya gonna do?

This is just one of the scenarios in this online game where you pick different actions and then you get “feedback” on what you did or didn’t do.

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Free online games

No need to register-just play.

Fetchfido’s Free Online GamesFetchFido the site that bites! Snipe is a good timewaster and possibly addictive. I splattered all the monkeys on MonkeyDiving.

Bubblebox – Rage 2 features stick men fighting each other to death. Lots of games-no need to sign up but you do click below an ad to play the game (I didn’t get any popups).

Frat Boy Beer Pong at addicting games. Mark up your oponent’s face with a marker when you win.

CrazyMonkeyGames – Sheepish like frogger only with sheep. Lots of games on this site.

Neodelight Online Games – AssTroys – a play on the game asteroids. Home Run – keep the drunk upright as long as you can.

Miniclip has Stress Relief Paintball – shoot all the smiley faces.

Peanut – flick peanuts at squirrels. Shit War – guess that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Seed of Chucky game – my favorite little “good guy” getting in some target practice.

Kamikaze Frogs on Flash Games 247 Shoot at the jumping frogs before they get to you.

Drunk Klunk – keep clicking your mouse to drink as much as you can & stay upright at the same time.

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