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Feel like telling someone they are #1?

Have You Ever Felt The Need To Tell Someone How You Really Feel,
But Were Afraid Of The Consequences?

Well, Those Fears Are No Longer A Concern…
With Send-A-Bird.com, You Can Either Send A Bird
Anonymously Or Take Full Credit For It!


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Welcome mat

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Ever lose your grocery list?

This is the world’s largest online collection of found grocery lists. As of January 30, 2007- 1400 found grocery lists. Start with the top ten lists – pretty funny. Makes ya wonder what someone who didn’t know or see you think about your grocery list.

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Cool avatars to express yourself

Everyone eventually needs an avatar for somewhere they go to on the net–most frequently it’s for a gamesite, forum or somewhere like myspace. A lot of places offer their own avatars to pick from which is easy, but they are usually generic and you always run into someone else who is using that particular avatar on that site. Of course you want to be different (don’t you?!). Here are some sites that offer hundreds of avatars so you can choose something better than those generic ones. Find one, save it to your computer by right-clicking and choosing save or save as. If the site you are needing it for lets you browse for your avatar, you need only remember where you put it on your computer. If the site is asking for an url-make sure to save it somewhere on the web (image host site such as flickr, photobucket or my favorite right now thumbq) and then pick the appropriate url provided by that service. Bingo – a cool avatar to differentiate you from all them other lamers who just picked the easy generic way. Click one of the pics below.

Avatar Hell – avatars so hot even the devil can’t handle them. The silly category is great. Also includes links to iconhell and away hell (icons & away messages).

Free avatars – all mixed together, lots on each page.

Avatar Central – tons of avatars divided into some groups and then pages.

ABCWebWorx -small category list on lef-hand side

Free avatars sorted into categories with a lot in each. The cartoon category had 1651 files in itwhich is 138 pages. You may go into that mysterious internet time at this site.

Avatarist – lots of categories – music, anime, movies (has 3142 pics) etc.

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Free online games

No need to register-just play.

Fetchfido’s Free Online GamesFetchFido the site that bites! Snipe is a good timewaster and possibly addictive. I splattered all the monkeys on MonkeyDiving.

Bubblebox – Rage 2 features stick men fighting each other to death. Lots of games-no need to sign up but you do click below an ad to play the game (I didn’t get any popups).

Frat Boy Beer Pong at addicting games. Mark up your oponent’s face with a marker when you win.

CrazyMonkeyGames – Sheepish like frogger only with sheep. Lots of games on this site.

Neodelight Online Games – AssTroys – a play on the game asteroids. Home Run – keep the drunk upright as long as you can.

Miniclip has Stress Relief Paintball – shoot all the smiley faces.

Peanut – flick peanuts at squirrels. Shit War – guess that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Seed of Chucky game – my favorite little “good guy” getting in some target practice.

Kamikaze Frogs on Flash Games 247 Shoot at the jumping frogs before they get to you.

Drunk Klunk – keep clicking your mouse to drink as much as you can & stay upright at the same time.

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